Badflower Forced to Cancel Shows After Theft and Vandalism

Up and coming rock band Badflower announced earlier today that scheduled stops on their tour with Goodbye June set for later this week would not go on as planned due to the fact that late last night the rockers fell victim to both theft and vandalism following a performance. Thieves (or thief) smashed a window out of there van and stole almost everything. The band released the following statement vie facebook:

“Last night after the show someone broke into our van and stole all our stuff. Backpacks, wallets, laptops, cameras, gear etc. Literally everything valuable. Unfortunately we have to cancel tomorrow night in Santa Cruz and Thursday in Berkeley to fix the broken window and sort this all out. If you already have tickets to see us at those shows you should keep them and go watch Goodbye June. We promise to make it up and be back soon.

This really sucks. Don’t steal.”

Though annoying, this should serve as just a bump in the road for the band that seems to be poised for greatness, keep rocking! If everyone worked as hard as these guys, theft wouldn’t exist. You want/need something? Work for it! DONT FUCKING STEAL!-Johnny K

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