Rock Icons Rally for our Veterans, Freedom Fest Review/Re-Cap

This year’s addition of ‘Freedom Fest’ in Littleton, Colorado came in full force with an all star lineup and a really important cause. 2017’s edition of ‘Freedom Fest’, which partners with ‘The American Soldier Network’ in hopes to finally put an end to veteran and active military suicide, featured an amazing collection of icon’s including Warrant, Winger, Lita Ford, Firehouse, Lynch Mob, Autograph, Hericane Alice and Romero.

I’ll start by saying that hands down, this is the best event I have been to all year. Not only were the performance’s amazing, but the cause was great and the whole day was filled with nothing but love. The festival/bike show and ride obviously attracted a crowd of which I was hands down a minority. Shaggy, scrawny, not serving OR a veteran and have never drove a motorcycle. Events like this, where the alcohol is flowing heavy, naturally tend to make me uneasy, not that it ever actually deters me, but that was in absolutely in no way the case here. Nothing but love in the air all day from everyone. From the folks that came out to this fantastic event, to the vendors, to the staff and to the bands on stage, no one ever lost track of why we were all there. To have a good time? Yeah, but it was way more than that.

I only really have one gripe about the whole thing, which I can’t even be to upset about, because the schedule did come with the disclaimer ‘All times subject to change’ and that they did.  But besides the confusion it caused on stage for Lynch Mob, who had to rework their set list in the middle of their performance and the shortened set times it caused for many of the artists, the show running behind schedule actually was a plus for me. Had they been on time, I would have missed Autograph who were absolutely amazing. That being said, I did get to the show late (had to drive down from Cheyenne) so unfortunately I missed Romero and Hericane Alice, but from what I hear they knocked it out of the park as well. Also had to head back early so I missed Warrant’s performance as well, without a sweat however though because I’m seeing them this Saturday so I wasn’t too worried.

All the band’s put on nostalgic performances playing all the hits on a simple stage, with almost everyone addressing the cause in a very respectful manner. The sound was a little rough for Lynch Mob, who’s singer actually called out the sound guy and told him to turn down the guitars, which I did find a little dickish, not because he was rude about it or anything, he wasn’t, but because he called out the poor sound guy in front of thousands of people. Had to be done though, maybe just could have been done differently. Lita Ford’s sound was also a little rough at times with a couple super high pitched microphone squeaks, but neither thing really took away from either band’s performance.

All the bands put on show’s with heavy crowd interaction, something that I find VERY important at a live show, and they were all able to keep the entire crowd entertained from the moment they came on stage to when they bowed off. Winger especially, not a shock however due to the band’s Colorado roots, really played on the crowd’s enthusiasm and as mentioned before, all the bands gave shout outs to both our veteran’s and our men and women currently serving. Something I felt highly necessary at an event like this, to me it shows that the artist’s aren’t just there for a paycheck, but that they support the cause as well.

All in all, ‘Freedom Fest’ 2017 appeared to be a major success and I for one, really hope that it was. Shedding light on and raising money for something that most people don’t seem to acknowledge as of big as a problem as it really is, and entertaining the hell out of thousands, is no easy feat, but they really covered all the bases with this one. Looking forward to next year 100%-Johnny K

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