Warrant Rocks the Greeley Stampede (Review/Re-Cap)

Each year, the Greely Stampede never fails to bring in top-notch musical entertainment both on their main stage and on their free stage, this year dubbed ‘The Extraction Stage’. This year’s free entertainment lineup features three major names, the first of which being Warrant, who we went out and saw this past Saturday.

Like most of the shows I’ve written about since I started this thing, Warrant was awesome. That being said, this review/re-cap will be pretty brief because there was nothing really about the performance that gave me a reason to gripe in the least. The show was a great time, on stage that didn’t have much to it except a giant banner, they still managed to entertain the thousands that came out from start to finish.

Last week I attended ‘Freedom Fest’ in Littleton, Colorado and although I did get to see amazing performances from Lynch Mob and Lita Ford (among others), I skipped Warrant, who was billed as the event’s headliner, because I knew I’d be seeing them a week later at the Stampede. Now however, I’m wishing I would have stayed, so that way I could have experienced the greatness that is the show they put on for a second time. I have seen them before, last year opening for Bret Michaels in Scottsbluff, but their set was cut due to rain and what they did play, I could barely hear as I was huddled under the beer tent to avoid the storm, so in reality, this was the first time I’ve actually seen them play a full set, and I wish I wouldn’t have waited.

Though often referred to as a ‘one hit wonder’, Warrant actually has put out several hits over the years that were popular in their time that a lot of people just don’t realize. Those songs were sprinkled throughout the little over an hour long set, with them obviously saving ‘Cherry Pie’ for last. The interaction with the crowd throughout the entire show was phenomenal with them really playing to the environment that we were in.

I think it’s fair to say that most of the people attending this concert weren’t actual Warrant ‘fans’. Most of the people probably only knew them by ‘Cherry Pie’ and the rest probably didn’t even know who they were at all and probably just wanted to check out a free concert, but you could tell that the band knew that, and they were definitely playing towards that demographic.

That being said, I’d guess that this show was probably vastly different from an actual headline concert. They weren’t playing to a room full of Warrant fans, they were just playing to a crowd of concert fans. Aside from the interaction being spot on and them never losing the crowd once, they sounded great too. Though not the voice from the ‘classic’ lineup, they still crushed all the hits and every other song they played including a Merle Haggard cover that was AWESOME.

Definitely recommend checking out Warrant if you get a chance, free or not.

The next big names set to hit the Stampede’s Extraction Stage are Phil Vassar on July 3rd and Neal McCoy July 4th, with Toby Keith, High Valley, LoCash, Drake White, Clay Walker and John Michael Montgomery all playing the main stage this weekend. Though the music never disappoints, the Greely Stampede itself is always a great time to so if you plan on hittin one of the concerts, be sure to make a day of it and be sure to take in all the Stampede has to offer!-Johnny K

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