Women in Music to be Spotlighted with at least 2 Major Tours this Year

Every year both the world of rock music and the world of country music produce what seem to be the biggest tours in the country. Runs that hit arenas and large amphitheaters in every major city across the country, at least once a week a different tour coming through. The concerts are usually a blast too, two to three, sometimes more than four hours of music from a couple openers and the headline act. A fun night for sure, pyro, lights, beer and nachos, but there usually is a little something missing, a female voice. It’s nothing against all the male lead talent, it’s just that the number of male fronted acts touring today far overshadows the number of female. Usually you’ll be lucky to get an opening act that is female fronted. In 2019 however, two major tours, one country and one rock will offer full nights of nothing but powerful woman voices.

In country, we already knew that Carrie Underwood was going to be bringing one of this year’s biggest tours. Last year she announced her ‘Cry Pretty’ tour featuring Maddie and Tae and Runaway June at the same time announcing that she would be welcoming another child to her family. The tour will be a sort of ‘comeback’ for the superstar who has taken a hiatus from the road after an accident left her with serious injuries to her face. In rock, we found out just this week that Rock n Roll Hall of Famers and the voices behind some of the 70s and 80s biggest hits, Ann and Nancy Wilson will be reuniting Heart for the ‘Love Alive’ tour. Accompanying them on the road will be another full lineup of awesome woman fronted acts, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Sheryl Crowe, Brandi Carlile, Elle King and Lucie Silvas.

Between 2017 and 2018 I attended over 50 concerts that were a part of massive big name tours in those two genres. There were multiple tours that I did miss regrettably, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks solo, Halestorm and Shania Twain but of the ones I attended, you would think that 50 different tours would have still offered plenty of female sound in the way of supporting acts, but that wasn’t really the case. Out of all of those concerts, Lauren Alaina opening for Cole Swindell and Lindsay Ell with Brad Paisley were the only two that I saw and I find that rather disappointing, not only from a gender diversity standpoint, but a diversity standpoint in the performances, as women tend to command the stage differently and are quite often more entertaining.

I think there definitely has been a lot of missed opportunities recently as far as including women fronted acts in giant tours so these two I am very excited about and find very reassuring. This website is just a concert news website and I am fully aware of that. I wrote this not to push my social views or anything of that nature, but instead because I just wanted to give more attention to these upcoming tours because they are great for more than just the fact that they’ll include full nights of awesome music. I think it’s great that this year, a full night of powerful woman voices can be found for fans in country and rock n roll, not just pop like usual. -Johnny K

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